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Top 30 Mobile Testing Interview Questions And Answers

You can have thousands of QA testers on a wide range of devices, operating systems, and networks, meaning they can cover different scenarios, find more bugs, and complete tests within a matter of hours. Leveraging automation will keep things moving once you adopt this approach. Test automation speeds up the targeted testing phases and helps you to move onto the next development cycle in a matter of hours or days. You will need to schedule manual tests after some key design or development cycles to incorporate feedback regarding the user experience and other key aspects of the app. Your quality assurance testing methodology should ideally combine both automated testing and manual testing. The key is to determine which type of test is most relevant for each aspect and stage of the product.

Integrated execution with a test management tool is going to be important for tool success. Simform provides you with the dedicated QA team that work exclusively on your project. Performed by our QA department, who are checking that multiple units, potentially committed by multiple developers, meet holistic acceptance criteria when deployed https://globalcloudteam.com/ in their totality. Quality assurance is more about preventative techniques instead of corrective actions. Moreover, not only devices from different manufacturers can behave differently, but the devices from the same manufacturer too. Modern smartphones enable input through multiple channels (voice, keyboard, gestures, etc.).

How to improve mobile QA practice

Since Quality Assurance has become so important, we at Seamgenwant to give you some of our best practices when it comes to QA. If an app is compatible with the latest iOS and Android versions, it’s a big win for the QAs. However, choosing not to optimize app performance for earlier versions of Android and iOS may lead to significant losses. Plenty of users do not immediately upgrade or consciously choose to continue using older devices or operating systems. According to Statista, 54% of the total users worldwide use mobile devices as compared to desktops. Tech giants like Samsung, Google, Apple, and others continue to roll out new Android and iOS devices at ever-increasing speeds.

Abcs Of Mobile Qa Automation

Mobile app testing can be time-consuming, error-prone, and sometimes expensive if not done the right way. But mobile app testing is a critical part of the development process, and skipping it comes at a huge cost to the user experience. The increasing growth in mobile usage is more rapid than ever before thanks to worldwide digital transformation waves. To serve such rising customer’s demands, most software applications have an equivalent mobile-app version.

The value added from manual and automated testing includes consistency, healthy usability, and performance, which are critical to the application’s success. When users move around there’s a possibility that How to improve mobile QA practice their connection type will change. Unfortunately, some carriers filter the web on their own will, which results in the devices being connected without actually having a connection with a specific service .

Therefore, knowing your target customers and their expectations is essential. You need information like age, gender, monthly income, mobile usage habits, and geographical location to get a better picture of your customers. This knowledge will help you to understand usage patterns and support mobile testing more appropriately in your business. With thorough understanding of the customer, you can downsize your testing efforts by focusing on what is most important to the user. You may be able to reduce the number of devices for testing, because you only need to test on the devices your customers use.

How to improve mobile QA practice

Moreover, this approach frees testers from having to modify or reproduce their test scripts when changes to the software occur. Overall, test-driven development helps make testing more Agile by incorporating it into the early stages of the development lifecycle. Often, testers working on Agile projects lack clear sets of acceptance criteria. This occurs when product owners, who are responsible for creating user stories, have a general understanding of a feature but are still not fully aware of all of its specifications. To help you overcome these challenges, we have compiled some of the best testing practices to follow throughout the redesign project to improve your Agile testing practices.

Adopt Performance & Security Testing For App Success:

Therefore, QA automation engineers at Svitla advise developing tests only for common usability flows to prevent regular test updates and reviews. Another obstacle which undermines the application’s dependability is access to input, output, and storage devices . When mobile phone emulators become of no help, the most logical solution is to use real devices. Surprisingly, bottlenecks in test automation are often caused by poor objectives setting. Before creating another test set, one should first define the goals and possible outcomes of the test. Ignoring this step can result in inaccurately estimating one’s automated testing efforts, failing to properly define the cost and time involved.

Each test should be based on clear expectations and result in a measurable outcome. Even though each test case should have a narrow focus, there should be cohesion in your test case suite. Your test case suite should have a scope that is adapted to the scale of your project. Adopting a methodology that incorporates testing into a series of short development cycles is another best QA practice worth considering. Of DevOps practitioners deploy on demand, therefore requiring constant testing. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

Mobile testing interview questions can be unlimited regarding the number of items and areas covered. Even though the above answers may not comprehensively be applied in your interview, we hope that those will help you ace a job and grow yourself in the mobile testing journey. There are multiple tools available on Google Play or App Store designed for CPU usage testing, such as CPU Monitor, CPU Stats, Usemon, CPU-Z, etc. These are an advanced tool that records historical information about processes running on your device.

It also requires testing under various stress levels because a custom developed mobile application that performs under 5 concurrent users vs. 500 concurrent users can be vastly different. A good strategy is to implement automated mobile application testing to help identify new bugs, especially when launching new features. Typically, testing mobile apps is not an easy task, and the landscape of testing keeps on changing. Though testing on emulators and simulators is helpful and useful for mobile testing, but it is equally important to test the app on real mobile devices. This sort of real mobile devices testing ensures the test results are delivered in real-time which becomes very effective for the mobile app success.

This can result in a lack of cohesion, compatibility, and issues with how the different segments of the code interact. Always perform tool feasibility since mobile technologies and platforms are varied. At the top, there is an automated end-to-end testing layer , in the middle of the automated integration testing layer and At the bottom, there is the automated unit-testing layer. Manual testing is not part of the test pyramid, hence it is shown as a cloud for additional testing work. Each layer indicates the number of tests that should be written within each stage and comes with different sizes. Our industry-leading expertise with app development across healthcare, fintech, and ecommerce is why so many innovative companies choose us as their technology partner.

The code used for automated tests should be also tested, and the written tests sent to human quality assurance testers should be carefully reviewed. Make it easy for everyone involved with your project to report bugs and share feedback. The right QA testing methodology will provide the information needed by your design and development teams to produce a quality app.

Mobile App Testing Checklist

It is absolutely necessary to make sure that the user experience is awesome for every consumer every time they use your app, and that starts from the very first try. With the rise in automated testing, manual testing might sound redundant. However, certain aspects of an app such as usability, accessibility, ease of use, etc. cannot be judged by a machine, no matter how advanced the algorithm. There is no substitute for human judgment, and manual testing continues to be just as relevant today.

  • The primary focus of this testing is on easy and quick use of an app, simple onboarding and user’s satisfaction with the entire experience.
  • Each has its own specific features that are better not to forget about to achieve a full-fledged result — a flawless app.
  • QA engineers shouldn’t automate everything though, as some functionalities change constantly and it is better to perform manual testing for these scenarios.
  • During the testing phase, the mobile app tester can focus on testing only with the devices from the established groups, testing only on those devices specific to customers in each group.
  • You can try to use all of the defined strategies in order to get a better understanding of what the users expect from QA.

In the case of the web, if some analytics event capture is not working as expected, it is “relatively” easy for you to fix the problem, and do a quick release and you will be able to start seeing that data. To make test automation successful however, you need to consciously look at the intent of each identified test for automation, and check how low in the pyramid you can automate it. Creating Your First Test With Google Chrome DevTools Recorder Chrome’s new Recorder tool allows you to record and replay tests from the browser and more. Ensuring broad test coverage across even just the most common scenarios can be a complex challenge.

Functional Testing Is A Must

For example, Appium is one of the most popular automation tools for testing mobile applications that allows testing both iOS and Android apps. The peculiarity of usability testing is that you can only get feedback from real people since no software can evaluate the user experience. Let’s start with a basic check of a mobile application, or so-called functional testing.

During the course of any digital project, it is not uncommon for requirements to change as the desires or needs of key stakeholders evolve. Maintaining a list of clear quality objectives is crucial for achieving speed and high quality. Align your quality objectives with users’ expectations and use these objectives when writing test cases. You should also take into account the ISO 9000 quality management standard, as well as your stakeholders needs. Using an off-the-shelf bug tracker like Jira is the best way to keep track of quality issues and to make sure they are addressed in a satisfactory and timely manner.

How to improve mobile QA practice

Sharing this information will allow the team to alter the sprint without sacrificing the quality of the release. The Agile method was designed specifically to help a project team address constant changes. When stakeholders introduce new or alter existing requirements, the Agile method acts as a guide to help testers adapt to these changes.

Test On Real

The main advantages of emulators are that they are open source and hence cost effective. Usability testing is where you have users play with your application to determine how easy it is to use the apps in their face. App performance, easy to read icons and text to allow them to browse your application intuitively.

Check out a few of our other, recent posts below highlighting software development. With the introduction of test cases following sprint planning, it allows for quality assurance team to constantly be involved at every scale within the project’s phases. Game testers should ensure that game renders properly on different orientations, different device view-ports, etc. They should also test the gaming experience taking the corner cases into consideration. Gamers feel engaged in games that have superlative UI/UX and performance. Interface testing must be considered on priority as far as mobile gaming is concerned.

Real Devices

After this step, QA teams may then spend time reviewing the QA automation strategy as a whole and selecting the most laborious tasks to be automated. By doing so, team leads can more accurately estimate the time needed for the creation of the test infrastructure, allowing them to use their labor resources more effectively and efficiently. The breakneck speed of progression is not likely to slow down-rather, it’s likely to escalate. Your application can potentially have the best security features, however, you need to make sure that they are implemented correctly and your users won’t suffer from data leaks or fraud. Security testing aims to check the resilience of the application against various types of threats. This is a quite complex process, where QA specialists use different testing methods, including imitation of the actions of fraudsters.

To check for known and unknown vulnerabilities, including those deriving from third-party and open-source software packages. Keep yourself updated with the latest testing strategies and QA automation practices. We make sure that every newsletter brings value and a new perspective on software testing for CTOs, product managers, and business owners. On the other hand, simulator sets up a similar safe environment to the original real-life device’s OS, but it doesn’t attempt to simulate the real device’s hardware.

Software Quality Assurance consists of a means of monitoring the software engineering processes and methods used to ensure quality. The truth is, quality assurance is a much broader term than just testing. John Li, the co-founder of PickFu, recommends incorporating feedback with each round of testing to improve decisions and concentrate on what matters most to your users. Leveraging automated testing helps to keep things moving and helps you future-proof your operations.

Recruiting a DevOps engineer with the right combination of technical expertise and experience will require a comprehensive screening process. Recruiting a Security Analyst with the right combination of technical expertise and experience will require a comprehensive screening process. With so many project management software options to choose from, it can seem daunting to find the right one for your projects or company. You can use a mobile device to speak with another person directly through the Teams app. These 11 cloud-to-cloud solutions back up your organization’s data so you’ll be covered in the event of deletions, malware or outages. Your approach to QA testing needs to be adapted to the product you are developing.

Performance QA testing is critical to consider because you don’t want to be known as the app that drains battery or slows down everything else. It looks to provide each function with the necessary input, verify the output, and then compare the results with initial requirements. It is to ensure faultless functionality, and this is vital to any mobile application. It is important to go over Quality Assurance testing strategies because how you approach it is just as important as how you do it. There can be a difference in testing tools for QA versus software testing tools, which may require you to use both to ensure the highest quality for your mobile product. While quality assurance is aimed to prevent defects, quality control aims to identify and fix defects throughout the mobile application’s entire life cycle while delivering per specifications.